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What’s New????

Been playing with GKM a lot this summer. We were recognized as "Top Band of the Day" for our show at the Stone Pony and will be returning for semi-finals of the competition in a few months! Also, our second EP is well on its way so expect that in a few short months as well. Our tour begins Augst 8th - 25th so stay tuned!

Check out our “Renassisance EP” on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or Bandcamp. 

Off the "La La Love" EP

In It Now - still incomplete 

New Single!

Blackout Anthem !

Who am I?


Hi, I'm Dan Kee, also known as Young Dan. I'm the lead singer of the band, Green Knuckle Material, as well as a solo artist looking to release my own music. I started pursuing music just over a year ago, and I'm looking forward to the years to come. Since my start, I've played just about every week, including 1-3 shows almost every weekend for the last 9 months. Use this website to stay updated on where I'm playing next. Feel free to contact me via the email at the bottom of this page. 

Upcoming Shows!

Apr. 28 - Radio show w/ GKM on Brave New Radio

May 11 - GKM @Dukes

Jun 29 - Tiffs on 23 in Pequannock

July 13 - Tiffs

July 1st - Wedding

Sept 15 - Wedding

Let’s meet!

I really appreciate all the support from the people coming to see me every week. It makes playing that much more enjoyable and I cherish the relationships I'm developing with my fans. 

“Lullaby” - live at Rowan Greek Talent Show

Performing “Lullaby” and rapping Scatterbrain PG’s killer verse

YDK/GKM Band Highlights

Check out some clips from our show at Sunglass Menagerie in Beach Haven!

"Shape of you" - Ed Sheeran cover

"Too Deep" - YDK Band

"Soon as" - GKM 

"Mystified" - GKM

"Lullaby" - GKM

"Go That Way" - GKM

Live Acoustic Session (Badcat Records)

Check out GKM's live acoustic version of "Lullaby" !

"Angel" Live Wedding Performance

Me performing my original song "Angel", which I wrote for my sister's father-daughter dance at her wedding

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Check out my first ever live solo set from Jiggs Diner

Hard to believe how far I've come since!

"First Time"

"Slow Dacning in a Burning Room" - John Mayer Cover


"Can't Help..." - Elvis Cover

"Too Deep"

"Sweetie Baby"

"Don't" - Ed Sheeran Cover


"Lullaby" - YDK



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