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Very proud of the progress made on the La La Love EP. We finished the songs in time for Spring, but found we still had a bunch of changes we wanted to make. I really can't wait to finally release these songs. Learning and progressing every day. 

Check out our “Renassisance EP” on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or Bandcamp. 

Off the "La La Love" EP

In It Now

New Single!

Blackout Anthem !

Who am I?


Hi, I'm Dan Kee, also known as Young Dan. I'm the lead singer of the band, Green Knuckle Material, as well as a solo artist looking to release my own music. I started pursuing music just over a year ago, and I'm looking forward to the years to come. Since my start, I've played just about every week, including 1-3 shows almost every weekend for the last 9 months. Use this website to stay updated on where I'm playing next. Feel free to contact me via the email at the bottom of this page. 

Upcoming Shows!

Apr. 28 - Radio show w/ GKM on Brave New Radio

May 11 - GKM @Dukes

July 1st - Wedding

Sept 15 - Wedding

Let’s meet!

I really appreciate all the support from the people coming to see me every week. It makes playing that much more enjoyable and I cherish the relationships I'm developing with my fans. 

“Lullaby” - live at Rowan Greek Talent Show

Performing “Lullaby” and rapping Scatterbrain PG’s killer verse

YDK/GKM Band Highlights

Check out some clips from our show at Sunglass Menagerie in Beach Haven!

"Shape of you" - Ed Sheeran cover

"Too Deep" - YDK Band

"Soon as" - GKM 

"Mystified" - GKM

"Lullaby" - GKM

"Go That Way" - GKM

Live Acoustic Session (Badcat Records)

Check out GKM's live acoustic version of "Lullaby" !

"Angel" Live Wedding Performance

Me performing my original song "Angel", which I wrote for my sister's father-daughter dance at her wedding

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Check out my first ever live solo set from Jiggs Diner

Hard to believe how far I've come since!

"First Time"

"Slow Dacning in a Burning Room" - John Mayer Cover


"Can't Help..." - Elvis Cover

"Too Deep"

"Sweetie Baby"

"Don't" - Ed Sheeran Cover


"Lullaby" - YDK



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